North Hanover Township
Burlington County, NJ

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Police Officers can be reached at (609) 758-2522  Extension 223 or 227

Officer Badge # Email Icon Email  
North Hanover Police Dept. Administration Email
Chief Budd Wells 4608 Email
SFC. Robert Duff 4602 Email
Cpl. Richard Mellor 4609 Email
Det. Toby Forker 4612 Email
Ptl. Victor Santiago 4606 Email
Ptl. Michael Zielinski 4614 Email
Ptl. Dylan Dohanic 4616 Email
Ptl. Michael Quinn    4617 Email
Ptl. Adam Bylsma 4623 Email
Ptl. Eric Sibert 4624 Email
Ptl. Jacob Sopko 4626 Email
Ptl. Nandor Palmai 4627 Email
SLEO II Alex Mangone  4628 Email
SLEO II Ryan Laird 4629 Email
SLEO I John Waldis 4618 Email
Chaplin Douglas Whiteside 4698 Email
Chaplain John DeMarco 46100 Email
Chaplin Ed Hlad 46101 Email
Police Clerk Susan Reilly 4699 Email


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