FEBRUARY 20, 2020, 5:00 P.M.


CALL TO ORDER                      Mayor DeBaecke called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.


FLAG SALUTE:                    Led by Mayor DeBaecke


ROLL CALL:                         Mayor DeBaecke

                                                Deputy Mayor Doyle

                                                Committeeman DeLorenzo

                                                Committeeman Kocubinski

                                                Committeeman O’Donnell


Absent:                         None


Also Present:                           Mary Picariello, Township Clerk and Joseph Greene, Treasurer and 

                                   Chief Budd Wells.


SUNSHINE STATEMENT:           “The provisions of the Open Public Meetings Act have been met. Notice of this meeting has been transmitted by email to the Courier Post, Burlington County Times and The Trenton Times as well as given to those having requested same and posted on the Township bulletin board located in the foyer of the municipal building”.


PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public wishing to address the Township Committee must state their name and address for the record. 


Mayor DeBaecke opened the meeting to the public.  There were no public comments.       



Proposed By: Committeeman O’Donnell

Seconded By: Committeeman DeLorenzo


BUDGET WORKSHOP – Mayor DeBaecke noted Joe Greene, treasurer was present to answer any questions.  He stated that the transfers were addressed in the new budget worksheets.  Mr. Greene confirmed that.  Committeeman Kocubinski asked Mr. Greene if the appropriate line items were increased for 2020 due to the transfer.  Mr. Greene stated yes and his only concern moving forward was utilities, due to increases.  Committeeman O’Donnell inquired if there were any surprise budget issues.  Mr. Greene noted the budget came in where it was supposed to.  He also noted the lack of snow removal was a great help.  He also noted the health insurance line item was good and noted 2020 that would increase and that the health insurance budget is tight.  Mayor DeBaecke asked Mr. Greene does he have any recommendations considering he pays the bills day to day.  Mr. Greene noted with the transfers everything leveled out and we came in 80,000 under budget due to the lack of snow.  He stated 40,000 of that handled the transfers.  The Committee thanked Mr. Greene for his fiscal prudence. 


The Mayor asked everyone to take out the police budget for review.  The Committee members made various inquiries with Chief Wells regarding his 2020 budget requests.  Deputy Mayor Doyle noted the need to purchase new Alco test equipment and the need to put funds aside for that.  Chief Wells noted he had some funding in the DWI fund to purchase.  He felt he would have approximately 10,000 aside when it was time to purchase.  Committeeman O’Donnell inquired as to the use.  Chief Wells noted the average was once a month but was legally required.  Deputy Doyle noted he wanted it put into the budget and would speak with CFO Bruno regarding that.  Mayor DeBaecke noted the current car lease payments would not cease until next year.  He asked Chief Wells for an overview of a Ford Explorer versus a Chevy and noted the Fords were more economical.  Chief Wells gave an overview and noted he was proposing the better vehicle.  Mayor DeBaecke noted it comes down to the overall budget and would keep it under consideration for now.  There was also discussion regarding the morpho track progam.  Deputy Mayor Doyle inquired as to the life expectancy of the defibrillator pads.  Chief Wells noted two years.  Mayor DeBaecke inquired as to the 40,000 increase in salary.  Chief Wells gave an explanation and noted it included accumulated paid time off.  Committeeman Doyle noted he would meet with CFO Bruno to review the police budget lines of concern.  There was a brief discussion regarding adding another full-time officer.  Committeeman Doyle requested job descriptions for Administrative police personnel.  He noted this would assist in justifying the additional position.  Chief Wells noted this would be provided.  Chief Wells gave an overview of the request for tasers.  The Township Committee would take under consideration.  The Mayor would address some issues with the CFO and budget determinations would be decided later.



Proposed By:  Deputy Mayor Doyle

Seconded By:  Committeeman DeLorenzo




TIME OF ADJOURNMENT:               6:58 PM

Respectively submitted,



Mary Picariello, RMC/CMR/CTC

Township Clerk