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In addition, last week, CDC released the Draft Interim CDC Zika Response Plan (CONUS and Hawaii): Initial Response to Zika Virus Infection, dated June 2016. The plan outlines CDC’s protocol for the initial response to local transmission of Zika by mosquitoes as well as guidance on surveillance, risk communication, blood safety, vector control, and prevention messages for people who live in, work in, or travel to an area with local Zika transmission.

CDC guidance to state and local jurisdictions recommends that Zika action plans be developed and updated to guide response activities through a phased, risk-based continuum. The continuum includes support for mosquito season preparedness and then progressive action in response to detection of:

  • The first limited local transmission
  • Widespread local and continuous transmission
  • Widespread, multicounty, continuous transmission

CDC is committed to supporting state, tribal, territory, and local efforts to prepare and respond to Zika. CDC is also committed to responding to travel-associated and sexually transmitted Zika cases reported in the United States before detection of the first case of local transmission of Zika virus by a mosquito.

The response activities outlined in this plan are based on currently available knowledge about Zika virus and its transmission. CDC will continue to update these activities, in consultation with state and local health officials, as more is learned about Zika virus.

For Pregnant Women

Information for ZIKA and Pregnant Women - Please see the following CDC Website:



Upcoming Zika Topic of the Week: Healthy Summer Travel

insect repellant

Consider the risk of Zika when making your summer vacation plans. If you are traveling to an area with Zika, be sure to follow CDC recommendations to stay healthy and safe. All travelers to areas with Zika should prevent mosquito bites. Because Zika during pregnancy can cause serious birth defects, pregnant women should not travel to areas with Zika. Zika can also be spread by a man to his sex partners, so travelers should use condoms if they have sex. Learn more about Zika and travel.


Spraying yardTopic: Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes at Home!

Control mosquitoes outside and inside your home. Learn more about controlling mosquitoes.


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It’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week! Did you know there are lots of ways you can control mosquitoes in and around your home? Learn more!

Protect yourself from mosquito bites! Wear an EPA-registered insect repellent with one of the following active ingredients: DEET, picaridin, IR3535, or oil of lemon eucalyptus or para-menthane-diol.


It’s Mosquito Control Awareness Week! Learn how to control mosquitoes that can spread viruses like #Zika.

One of the best ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites is to wear an EPA-registered insect repellent.

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·         Anyone concerned about sexual transmission of Zika can take steps to protect themselves and their partners. If you’ve recently traveled to an area with Zika and had symptoms of Zika, consider using condoms or not having sex for at least 6 months after symptoms started. If you haven’t had any symptoms of Zika, consider using condoms or not having sex for at least 8 weeks after returning from travel. Learn more:

·         Men w/ pregnant partners: If you recently traveled to area w/ #Zika you should use condoms during her pregnancy

·         If you’ve recently traveled to an area with Zika and developed Zika symptoms during your travels or within 2 weeks after returning, you should see your healthcare provider to see if you have Zika or another illness. This is especially important if you have a pregnant partner or are considering a pregnancy. Learn more:

·         If you develop #Zika symptoms during travel or within 2 wks after returning, see a healthcare provider



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