On October 15th at 7pm at the New Egypt High School Cafeteria, the New
Jersey Sierra Club and others will be hosting an important educational forum coming together to discuss tactics for fighting the New Jersey Natural Gas pipeline and Transco compressor station.

Join us to learn more about this pipeline, why it's a bad idea for our
environment and community, and what you can do to try and stop it. We're bringing together experts on natural gas pipelines who can answer questions, tell you what your rights are and what we can do to fight this pipeline.
They will teach you how to oppose this pipeline at the various regulatory
agencies such as the DEP, FERC, the BPU, the Army Corps, the SADC and the Pinelands Commission and what your rights as a property owner are. Can you stop them from coming on your property? Can you rescind survey permission? Is there really an alternative route or will it just undermine your ability to stop the pipeline? Find out from these pipeline experts. Meet your neighbors, share your concerns, and develop strategies together.

New Jersey Natural Gas is trying to run their Southern Reliability Link
pipeline from one side of New Jersey to the other. This 28 mile pipeline
will start at an interconnection with the Transco system in Chesterfield and run through the Pinelands National Reserve to Manchester, crossing
Burlington, Ocean, and Monmouth Counties. This pipeline will cause
environmental damage and is dangerous and unnecessary no matter what route it takes. The pipeline will lead to a new natural gas plant in Ocean County and lead to more destruction in the Pinelands.

If we are to stop this pipeline, we need to fight together!  Join us on
October 15th to learn more about how we can oppose the pipeline and defend our community and environment. Only by Standing Together Will We Win!!

WHO: Jeff Tittel, Director of the The New Jersey Sierra Club; Maya K. van
Rossum,The Delaware Riverkeeper; and Lynda K. Farrell, Executive Director of the Pipeline Safety Coalition

WHEN: October 15 at 7 pm

WHERE: New Egypt High School Cafeteria, 117 New Egypt Allentown Rd, New Egypt, NJ 08533

RSVP: jamie.zaccaria@sierraclub.org<mailto:jamie.zaccaria@sierraclub.org>

Come hear from experts on how we can work together to protect our homes, communities, and environment by stopping the New Jersey Natural Gas Pipeline!

We look forward to seeing you on October 15th!

Jamie Zaccaria
Administrative Assistant
New Jersey Sierra Club