North Hanover Township
Burlington County, NJ

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Property Taxes
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Tax Bills 

We are pleased to offer you a new service - the Direct Debit Payment Plan (ACH). Now you can have your payment deducted automatically from your checking or savings account! You will not have to change your present banking relationship to take advantage of this service. The Direct Payment Plan will help you in several ways: It will save you time, save you writing out checks, save you with postage, it will help you pay your bills in a convenient timely manner - even if you are out of town. If you are interested, there is a very simple form to fill out to get started. Please call or see the Tax Collector or Township Clerk during normal business hours for the form or more details or you may get the form here.


Contact (609) 758-2522 Ext 241 for the additional hours to be offered.

The Municipal Building has an outside drop box for your convenience to use at any time of day or night. You can drop off applications, permits, fees, tax payments, dog license fees, annual waste permits fees, etc. anytime of day, including weekends. It is located on the Township Clerk’s side of the building (opposite from the Court side of the building). You will see a metal/steel box next to the side door.  It is safe, monitored, and checked daily. If you have any questions about using this drop box please feel free to contact the Township Clerk.  

  • Tax bills are due on a quarterly basis.
  • Tax bills are mailed once a year during the summer.
  • The bill you receive has third and fourth quarters of the current year, and first and second quarters of the following year.
  • The due dates for each quarter are printed on the payment stubs of the bill: February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1.
  • There is no discount for prepayment.
  • We also offer a ten (10) day grace period on these payments.
  • The Tax Assessors Offices  is charged with the responsibility for establishing the value of each property in North Hanover Township which is the basis for each property owners property tax levy.
  • Receipts. The entire bill and a self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany remittances requiring a receipt. Otherwise, it is acceptable to detach the appropriate stub to mail along with your check, and the canceled check will serve as your receipt.
  • Please do not postdate your checks.  We are unable to hold them as New Jersey statutes require payments to be deposited within 48 hours of receipt.
  • New Property Owners
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