North Hanover Township
Burlington County, NJ





Township Committee 

Mayor Ronald DeBaecke
Liaison to Sub-Standard Housing Commissioner, County Land Use Office, COAH
Ext. 241
Deputy Mayor Brendan O'Donnell
Liaison to Mobile Home Commissioner,
Jacobstown Fire Company, Administration
Ext. 241


Lou Delorenzo
Public Works Commissioner, Landfill Commissioner, Recycling Commissioner
Ext. 241

Christopher Doyle
Police Commissioner,
 Military Liaison
Ext. 241
John Kocubinski
Liaison to Small Cities Grant Matters, Recreation Commissioner
Ext. 241

Congratulations are extended to Committeeman DeBaecke being sworn in as Mayor at the 2018 North Hanover Township Reorganization meeting.
Congratulations are extended to Committeeman O’Donnell being sworn in as Deputy Mayor at the 2018 North Hanover Township Reorganization meeting.

Congratulations are extended to Committeeman DeLorenzo on being sworn in to
his sixth term of office on the North Hanover Township Committee.

 North Hanover Township is governed under the Township form of government with a five-member Township Committee. The Township Committee is elected directly by the voters in partisan elections to serve three-year terms of office on a staggered basis, with one or two seats coming up for election each year.  At an annual reorganization meeting, the Township Committee selects one of its members to serve as Mayor and another as Deputy Mayor.

North Hanover Township Committee by Resolution has named the Courier Post, the Burlington County Times and the Trenton Times Newspapers to publish Legal Advertisements for the year .

All advanced written notices of special meetings throughout the year shall be mailed to all persons requesting a copy of same after payment by such persons of a fee of $10.00.  News media shall be exempt from such fee. 

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Twp. Committee Meetings will be held from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the main meeting room located at 41 Schoolhouse Road, North Hanover Township. If additional time is needed, a vote will be taken by the Township Committee at 9:30 p.m. to either continue the meeting or to carry all left over issues to the next scheduled workshop or regular meeting.